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Schedule Of Fees For Our Services

How Much Does It Cost To Fight A Las Vegas Traffic Ticket?

Got a traffic ticket or speeding ticket in Las Vegas, Southern Nevada, or Clark County?  We can help.  Our Fees start at only $45 for a minor violation received during a traffic stop that we are helping you with.  Contact us at (702) 933-4248 for more details and free discussion with our staff on how we can help you with your Traffic Citation.

If you have any questions regarding our Las Vegas traffic & speeding ticket fees or services, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Click Traffic Tickets to learn more about traffic tickets and types of violations.  Visit our Legal Glossary for definitions of common terms such as Traffic Citation, Violations, and Traffic Stop. 

Minor Traffic Citation: $45.00

For Minor Violations received during a single Traffic Stop that we are helping you with.

Serious Traffic Violation: $220.00

Examples are reckless driving, aggressive driving, speed contest, open container, and etc. Call our friendly staff for details.

Warrant Quashing: $150.00

--  Las Vegas Municipal Court $150.00
--  Las Vegas Justice Court $150.00
--  All other Courts $150.00

Previously Contacted the Court: $150.00

Usually when a person appears before a court and pleads Not Guilty  or does something else that causes a court to set a hearing on your Traffic Ticket to a later date, the court sets the matter at times outside typical times in which we appear before the court. Because we are unable to schedule other appearance with other clients, thus sharing costs among clients (by the way that is one of the reasons why our fees are less than other attorneys), we must charge a higher rate to make our effort worthwhile. Assuming you have a Traffic Ticket with one (1) violation that you plead Not Guilty, your typical charge should be $195.00 ($45.00 + $150.00).

Investigating Court Addressing Traffic Ticket: $30.00

If you contact us and do not have in your possession (it is lost) the issued Traffic Ticket and therefore do not know the Court to which you are to appear, in order for us to help you we will have to investigate to determine which court is assigned to your Traffic Ticket. See Frequently Asked Questions regarding our investigation of on your behalf. Whether we discover the court to which you are to appear our investigation fee is nonrefundable.

DUI Assistance Starting at $500.00. The Initial Consultation Is Free.  

We provide three levels of assistance to persons facing a DUI violation. Because everyone’s facts and circumstances differ when receiving a DUI, Attorney Kaplan needs to spend time with you helping you decide the extent of assistance you may need or desire. Call (702) 933-4248 for an appointment with Kirk D. Kaplan, Esq.

Not Guilty / Trial (minor traffic violations): Starting a $700.00

If you want to go to trial on your Minor Traffic Ticket, once we accept you as a client we are happy to help. However, fees are increased because we have to prepare for trial. Preparation includes, but is not limited to, meetings with you, investigating information the prosecuting attorney may possess, talking to witnesses, and appearing in court for trial. You should call to discuss your matter with our friendly staff for details.