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You can’t always avoid car accidents, but sometimes you can avoid them by simply understanding how most accidents happen. As experienced personal injury attorneys, our mission is to educate the public about the leading causes of car accidents here in California. , is the best defense. Here are the top six causes of car accidents in California. Speeding Lawyers and law enforcement agree that speeding causes too many injuries. You are more likely to seriously injure yourself. In 2007, the California Department of Transportation Safety reported nearly 150,000 speeding incidents annually. The solution is simple. Always obey the speed limit to protect yourself and the drivers around you. Wrong Twist Wrong Twist is a simple twist that can lead to tragedy. Wrong turns alone cause nearly 86,000 traffic accidents in California each year. Do your part to reduce this number. Pay attention to road signs and signals and always wait for the right path before turning. Bad Merges Believe it or not, wrong shifts were the third leading cause of traffic accidents in California in 2007. Melting accident. If you are already on the highway, move into the left lane as soon as possible to improve visibility and facilitate traffic merging. Drunk Driving It is dangerous to drive while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or other drugs that may cause drowsiness. Drunk driving accidents are declining: keep driving, choose a designated driver and avoid drunken driving situations. A staggering 15,574 accidents occurred. To avoid such unnecessary accidents, it is important to be vigilant. Distracted Driving Cell phones, snacks, and walkie-talkies are not worth the damage in a car accident. With more than 4,000 distracted driving accidents since 2007 and increased personal use of digital devices, it’s more important than ever to keep your attention behind the wheel. It is Never eat, drink, wear makeup, or use music or data devices in the driver’s seat. About Michael Pines LLP Since his 1992, the attorney at APC Michael Pines LLP has been fighting for the people. Founder Michael Pines, a former insurance attorney, has an unparalleled understanding of how insurance companies work. The company focuses on providing resources to the public to avoid accidents and keep the driver’s seat safe. Michael Pines LLP, APC, Accident Attorneys, 4660 La Jolla Drive, Suite 1030 San Diego, CA 92122, Toll Free Consultation: 1-800-655-6585

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